The first ever book as NFT on Cardano about Cardano ecosystem

What is it all about?

I have been working 7+ months on the Cardano ecosystem book. And I have been collecting the experience and knowledge about the cryptocurrencies since 2012.

It is pretty interesting journey.
This is my 3rd book. In 2020 I published book about XRP. But since than my ideas and opinions developed and changed a bit. So I am now more focused on the whole Cardano ecosystem and entrepreneurship opportunities within that one.

Why a book as NFT?

It is the first book about Cardano ecosystem ever published as NFT on Cardano network. NFT concept offers interesting ideas how to provide more value to the owners. Because there are not only rarities of the different versions of the book but also several treasury funds which anyone who owns at least 1 book NFT can win. These funds consist of quite nice amount of ADA. The more book NFTs you have, the more chances to win the prizes.

200+ pages

The book covers how to establish passive income with Cardano and informs about other projects in the ecosystem including NFT. Gives you an idea how to become Cardano entrepreneur. Introduces possible price and value predictions for ADA. Plus I have invited several Cardano entrepreneurs to share with us their opinions about crypto and Cardano itself.

Concrete examples of my NFT purchases and sales

Which one of my unsig sale has been the highest at the certain point of time? And which unsig was it? You will find out in the book. And more about NFT projects and ideas.

30+ crypto world persons or projects mentioned

Patrick Tobler, ADAApe, Cardanians, Bio pool, Pieter Nierop, Nhat Anh Vu, Nikita Sachdev, Cardano foundation, Charles Hoskinson, big pey, Emurgo, IOHK, Husky pool, Eco pool, Daniel Ribar, Ada whale, Bajuzki art, Cardacity, unsigs, poolg, COTI, SNET, Ergo, World mobile, Ardana, Cardax, Veritree, Dan, matiwinnetou, spacebudz, A Murray ...

15 Treasury funds with total of 20k ADA to win

Additionally you will join the random draw to win in total 20 Bajuzki Chibi NFTs and 20 Cardacity NFTs.

Red version

Gold version

Grafen version

1815 book NFT pieces (89.64%)

173 book NFT pieces (8.54%)

37 book NFT pieces (1.82%)

Frequently asked questions

Total amount is 2025 pieces. Why? Because I expect that in the year 2025 Cardano ecosystem will show us the maximum adoption and value level. Simply I believe within 4 years, Cardano will show us the real potential.

37 pieces as Legendary Grafen version (1.82%)

173 pieces as Rare Gold version (8.54%)

1815 pieces as Standard Red version (89.64%)

Why these numbers? In the year 1815 was Ada Lovelace borned. She lived only 37 years. And if you make a calculation 2025 – 1815 – 37 = 173. 

Each book NFT has a sequence number, unique one, which is at the same time your lottery ticket. Depends on rarity, you will join different draws for Treasury funds.

89 ADA. There are no price tiers. All book NFTs are available from day 1 of the sale until it is sold out. The Treasury funds and NFTs lottery will start once 2025 pieces are sold. Winning codes will be randomly selected via special app which I developed for this purpose in Visual Studio. 

There is no cheating possible during the winning codes draw. As I don’t know who purchased the NFT and on top to provide maximum transparency, I will record the draw in the app and publish that as video. If you win the prize, the ADA amount or NFT will be sent to your Cardano address which you used for book NFT purchase. 

BTW: If you win e.g. the first Treasury fund of 500 ADA, you still can win all other 4 funds for RED version. Your codes are part of the draw all the time. 

There are in total 15 Treasury funds with in total 20k ADA to win. The draw will happen once all 2025 pieces of book NFT are sold. All versions (Red, Gold, Grafen) play for NFT drops bajuzki and Cardacity. 

Red version plays for Treasury funds 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Gold and Grafen versions play for Treasury funds 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15.

This is the difference. If you have unique versions of the book, such as Gold and Grafen, your book number is joining more Treasury funds draw with higher prizes. So it is good idea to have at least one book NFT of these two rarities.

Treasury funds for RED version:

no. 1,2,3,4 consist of 500 ADA each

no. 5 consists of 1000 ADA

Treasury funds for GOLD and GRAFEN versions:

no. 6,7,8,9,10 consist of 1000 ADA each

no. 11,12,13 consist of 1500 ADA each

no. 14 consists of 2500 ADA 

no. 15 consists of 5000 ADA

What if not all NFTs are sold? If this happens, after certain period of time, I would consider to start lottery base on the number of pieces sold. I hope it won’t be the case as total number of the first ever book NFT published on Cardano is only 2025. 

  1. Yes. In the book there will be a link to never-ending blog of this book. Where I do share my NFT experience, sales, purchases, cardano news, comments, ideas … the page is updated minimum once a week.
  2. On top of Treasury funds lottery, I will run another two lotteries for the book NFT owners.
  3. I will randomly select 20 codes and they will receive 1 Bajuzki Chibi NFT as a bonus.
  4. I will also randomly select 20 codes which will receive 1 Cardacity NFT as a bonus.
Summary example:
You purchased 5 book NFTs. You got 4 Red versions and 1 Gold. In total you have 5 codes (book sequence numbers) which will be part of lottery. 4 codes will join 5 times draw of Red Treasury funds + 20 times draw for Bajuzki Chibi NFT + 20 times draw for Cardacity NFT. 1 code will join 10 times draw of Gold and Grafen Treasury funds + 20 times draw for Bajuzki Chibi NFT + 20 times draw for Cardacity NFT.
NOTE: Before I will distribute either ADA or bonus NFTs I will check via cardano explorer the address where it should be sent. If the address doesn’t have the winning book NFT, I won’t be able to send the prize. Therefore I recommend you to keep book NFT at least until draws. And BTW it is not a picture NFT, but you get 200+ pages book which you could actually read 🙂

Every book NFT has a sequence number. It is your lottery code. E.g. 0001, 0120, 1560 … up to 2025.

The more codes you have, the more chances to win. It is similar to Cardano Ouroboros consensus, the more delegated ADA in the pool you have, the higher chance to win the block confirmation. 


You can buy 1 or 3 book NFTs in one transaction

Important: Please send ADA only from supported wallets like Daedalus, Yoroi, ADALite or Nami. 

Never send ADA from exchanges because your funds might be lost and you won’t receive book NFT.

Buy 1 book NFT

Send exactly 89 ADA to this address:



Buy 3 book NFTs

Send exactly 267 ADA to this address:


The amount has to be exactly 89 or 267 ADA. If the amount is bigger or smaller the funds will be returned. If there are no more NFTs available, the amount will be returned. Per 1 transaction you can buy 1 or 3 NFTs. If you want to purchase another book NFTs, please start new transaction and send 89 or 267 ADA again. 

Every book NFT is randomly selected from 2025 pieces. Minting and sending NFT is processed with nft-maker PRO

The summary

It is not a standard NFT. It is a book as NFT. About Cardano network, ecosystems, community, passive income, visions, ideas, plans, experience, point of view, ADA cryptocurrency, predictions and entrepreneurial thinking.

89 ADA

Per unique book nft

  • 200+ pages full of content about Cardano ecosystem
  • 30+ persons and projects mentioned
  • Every book NFT joins lottery base on rarity. (20k ADA Treasury funds + 20 NFTs from bajuzki and 20 NFTs from Cardacity) - fair random draw of winning codes via own app developed for this NFT project
  • Access to Never-Ending blog with Cardano ecosystem news, experience, NFT projects sales/purchases, opinions ...
  • Access to e-book which I wrote in 2019, it talks about Agile Transformation, Innovations and Blockchain
  • Access to PDF presentation about C.E.O. Thinking mindset (Curiosity, Entrepreneurship, Outcome thinking) which I prepared for anyone who wants to improve and grow entrepreneurial thinking
  • 3 Rarities Grafen, Gold and Red
  • 5 Questions and 5 answers from crypto entrepreneurs and experts like Patrick Tobler, ADAApe, Cardanians or Pieter Nierop ...
  • Ownership of the Cardano history, future and journey
  • BTW: you can open the book in 2025, 2030 or 2100 and check whether mentioned predictions and ideas actually happened
  • Special BONUS: Whenever in the future me or Digital Assets Capital team will work on the new NFT project, there will be for each new project special 20 NFTs draw for the owners of the lottery codes from book NFT. And on top, in this case you don't have to keep the book NFT on the same address from which you purchased the NFT.
  • As book author I am not anonymous. I am real person, Petr. Originally born in Czech Republic, nowadays living in Germany. In the book I share my opinions and point of views. It's subjective. But also hopefully objective enough for the broader audience.


Q4 2021

Cardano ecosystem book NFTs available.

Once all 2025 pieces are sold, run lottery for all rarity versions.

Q1, Q2 2022

Completely new NFT project drop by DAC team.

20 NFTs from this project distributed for free to the Cardano book NFT buyers.

Q3, Q4 2022

Cardano game utilizing NFTs from the new project.

Surprise additional 3 prizes in ADA to book NFT buyers.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, get in touch.