Welcome to the blog, which will grow together with Cardano ecosystem. The book was just beginning. We are here to follow the potential success of ADA and Cardano in the upcoming decades.

1-Feb-2022 Today is a big day for COTI. They will introduce new Treasury staking, which will allow everyone to join and benefit from COTI ecosystem. Currently this feature is not available for US residents because of unclear regulations. I assume it might change. I am curious what APY will be offered as there are 4 levels of risk and variable locking periods. To be able to join COTI staking, you have to utilize Viper wallet and native COTI tokens, not ERC-20 COTI tokens e.g. available on Binance.


24-Jan-2022 New partnership announced. COTI and Indigo protocol. Indigo protocol aims to “tokenize the real-world economy and will play a key role in both DeFi and RealFi by providing people & institutions exposure to assets they wouldn’t normally have access to“. COTI will issue stablecoin Djed, it will be used as collateral for iAssets from Indigo. On top for any new mint of Djed, there will be ADA locked. Step by step we can see the whole new ecosystem emerging. Exciting times.



17-Jan-2022 The very much expected DEX is coming on Cardano. The launch date is 20.1.2022. And it is https://sundaeswap.finance/ . Why is it important? Sundae team has been communicating with Cardano community a lot. Shared knowledge, opinions and they successfully finished audits. They also announced that the first mainnet experience with DEX might be suboptimal, because of congestion of network. We know that the year 2022 is on Cardano roadmap for scaling. Basho era. Now we have a lot of traffic on the network, cool problem to have, and logical step is to able to handle it. Here is the summary of 11 ways how the network will be enhanced for better scaling.



10-Jan-2022 Maybe you remember successful project https://www.unsigs.com/ . It was about pretty cool and nice algo generated pictures. Alexander as the author announced, that he will provide free CNFT airdrop for the owners of unsigs. It will be done in cooperation with https://dripdropz.io/ . The rules are: you have to stake your ADA via your own wallet + you have to keep at least 1 unsig on this address beginning of February 2022 as there will be a snapshot. After that you will receive a token, which you can exchange for new NFTs from Alexander’s upcoming project. 1 token = 1 new NFT. What the new project will be about? We have to wait and see. But it is pretty cool support to motivate people, stop staking on exchanges and move ADA to stake pools, ideally single pool operators to support decentralization.


6.1.2022 There is an interesting article why CarDAO has chosen Cardano as platform for their project. You can find it here . And if you want to know more about details, visit twitter:  https://twitter.com/cardaofinance


21.12.2021 There is a new DeFi Alliance on Cardano. It is newly created cooperation between several upcoming DeFi protocols and projects. Pretty nice to see cooperation instead of competition. https://cardanodefialliance.org/


18.12.2021 Would you like to have human readable Cardano address? Check this project out. https://adahandle.com/


14.12.2021 Have you heard about $cobracoin ? I have created own #memecoin on #cardano . Check this out.


7.12.2021 In the book, I have mentioned Cardano forest project. I joined it in the beginning. And after a few months, look where we are. More than 500k ADA and trees donated. Great. https://ito.veritree.com/

2.12.2021 If you read comments on twitter, often you can see people commenting on ADA price. Lately, last weeks, maybe even months, the price of cryptocurrency ADA goes down. And it does not make the owners happy. We all understand that.

There is a question.

Does ADA price matter for Cardano ecosystem? I have to say, yes. We also know that Charles receives during his AMA or other video sessions, questions about ADA burn or pump the price and he refuses to react on that. Which is fair and correct.

On the other hand, I see 2 major reasons, why ADA price matters:

1, It is about security. The higher the ADA price, the lower the risk that anyone can attack the network and take control of it. If ADA price is $0.01 it is much easier to attacker to collect enough coins than if it is $5.

2, Attractivity of the network and the whole Cardano ecosystem. If the price of ADA is stable, making gains steady, not big pumps and dumps movements than network becomes more attractive for long term investors and holders. They engage with community and ecosystem. Most of them stay long time and do not switch to other projects. More loyalty is created between ADA owners. And it becomes interesting for newcomers.

As mentioned also in the book, I see the biggest thread for Cardano network its competitors. Projects like SOL, AVAX, LUNA, BNB … they don’t have quality and decentralization of Cardano, but take the users and investors out of Cardano. That is the fact. We know that BNB is fully centralized running on 21 nodes and on top they burn coins constantly. We know that Solana is more than 50% owned by VC funds and insiders and artificially pumped. The similar is valid for Luna. Yes. But still strong price action, attracts the users. And users are the top prio for any network. Without users, network has no reason to exist.

Sometimes I read comments like: “I sold all ADA for VRA, is that good?” and you see reactions like, “yeah I did that too”, or “wise decision …”

Many of us have a diamond hands and hold ADA, true. At the same time we have to be cautious and keep attractiveness momentum high and bring as many users as possible.


29.11.2021 I am really looking forward to launch of Liqwid Finance project. Why? Because it seems to have a chance for your ADA tokens to get up to quadruple yields. Wow.

As mentioned by dmcarstensen:

So with my ADA I’ll be able to earn…

1) staking rewards of around 5% by delegating my ADA to a Staking Pool.

2) interest just by holding qADA based on current interest rates.

3) $LQ tokens by staking that qADA.

4) a percentage of total interest paid to Liqwid Finance by staking that $LQ I earn. 

25.11.2021 Recently I’ve recognized that there is a new version of website of Lovelace Academy. https://learn.lovelace.academy/  , authors say about the project: “Inspire and empower the next generation of builders and visionaries on #Cardano“. It is a pretty good source of the information and help how you could start your Cardano journey.


19.11.2021 Cardano foundation gave the opportunity to Cardano community to raise the questions and 10 of them with the most Upvotes will be answered.

I have added these two questions from my side:

Can you please explain us, how the projects from Catalyst will be reviewed whether they deliver promised solutions and dapps? Because we as ADA owners, spend our treasury fund for these projects, so there should be backward responsibility from these teams towards us.
Can you please explain us e.g. how concretely Atala prism and DID will benefit the network? More transactions, who will pay transaction fees if you have DID in Africa … I personally miss more business oriented explanations about new Cardano deals in Africa. It is nice to say, we have 5mio students going to use Cardano, but it is important to explain how exactly this will benefit network owners and how the on-boarding of the students will look like.


17.11.2021 In the Cardano ecosystem book I mentioned term “Policy ID” for NFT projects. Once Policy ID is locked, author cannot change the number of NFTs or perform changes towards this project. Currently the price floor for Unsigs is oscillating around 500-1000 ADA for 4,5,6 properties. Therefore here is my tip: Policy ID of unsigs 0e14267a8020229adc0184dd25fa3174c3f7d6caadcb4425c70e7c04 will be locked on

2022-01-01 21:59:52 UTC.
Which might bring new interest into unsig NFT world and potentially increase the floor price.

10.11.2021 It seems that two important components of Cardano network will be released in a few weeks. It is ERC20 converter which will enable to convert ERC20 tokens from Ethereum towards Cardano and PAB (Plutus Application Backend) which is needed for DeFi and dapps development. It might start expected new dapps and DEXs wave and speed-up their delivery to mainnet.


03.11.2021 CNFT (Cardano Non-Fungible Tokens) marketplace https://cnft.io/ enabled new features. One of them is: offers. You can offer your NFT for the buy now price, but you can also receive the offers from interested people.


Example: I have offered my unsig_01280 for the buy now price 9699 ADA, and I have received offer for 1000 ADA. If I decide to accept it, potential buyer can send this amount and will get the NFT. It is up to you, whether e.g. lower price is still attractive for you or not. Important is that this feature enables to get more offers and in the same time increases the interest of buyers.


23.10.2021 Do you plan to start your own NFT project? Do you have interesting artists around but not sure how to prepare NFT drop? In the upcoming weeks and months I will introduce on this blog the step by step process, how the book about Cardano ecosystem has been published as NFT via nft-maker PRO tool.


11.10.2021 I have joined new NFT project about Mutant Crocs. https://crocmutant.io/ , they have interesting roadmap and plan to use the minted Croc’s cards in card game. Can you pick Croc with Naru rider with 0.95% rarity?

3.10.2021 Grayscale published the report introducing Cardano. It is cool to see increasing usage of the network. https://grayscale.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/CARDANO_Building-Block.pdf


26.09.2021 The Cardano summit is ongoing. 2nd Day. Many new announcements and partnerships have been revealed. I have joined new NFT project, it is programmatic Art. https://twitter.com/_ThisCr8zyLife_

The project is called “The Refresh” because whenever you refresh your NFT preview (e.g. on pool.pm) the picture will change. Cool.

21.09.2021 I’ve already mentioned EntheosArt as the interesting project using AI. https://www.entheosart.com/ , today was the second drop of the NFTs. In total they will offer 30k NFTs, all unique art. Only 1% of all Entheos NFTs are so called “signature” ones. It means that they have as attributes e.g. Minimalist, Black Background and Signature. As they are very rare, the price might be significantly higher than for the normal ones. From this second drop I took 20 pieces. I was checking one by one whether I was lucky enough to get Signature one. And the last checked NFT was this unique one. See below how it does look.

17.09.2021 Cardano plans the summit event. As they say: “A mix of virtual and live events from around the world on September 25-26 2021. The whole world is invited.”  We expect several very interesting announcements, possible cooperation with governments and big corporations. Let’s see and be surprised.


16.09.2021 I have joined two NFT projects. It is https://adasenshi.io/ where you can get Ninjas and https://cryptokeens.com as there are several types of persons like male, female, alien, zombie … It is always the question, will you make more money on that project than invested or NFT pictures will stay forever in your pocket (address). In case of cryptokeens I have got one NFT really rare, as there will be only 10k cryptokeens and rarity for this one exists only in 21 cases. Something like 0.2% chance to get him. See below. It is 2-Tags Guardian.






06.09.2021 I joined the first pre-sale of new NFT project https://www.entheosart.com/ , they generate the art using AI techniques. It is quite impressive. I purchased 21 NFTs for the initial price 28 ADA / 1 NFT. They offered 10k pieces and 100 of them were so called “signature” edition. This one I did not get, as the chance was small. There will be several other drops in the future.

One of my NFTs which I got:

05.09.2021 There is a new NFT project called Cardanospace. I was able to purchase a place in 100*100 grid. Where I can share my picture, link, promotion or I can, in the future, even rent the space and receive the income. I purchased the square 2×2 in total 4 NFTs as 1 square = 1 NFT. Will it be worth it? Let’s see. But it’s a new concept.  https://cardanospace.com/

31.08.2021 I have joined the project https://www.anti.biz/pages/pixeltrees

And invested 5 * 31 ADA = 155 ADA for 50 pixeltrees. The major reason is that the team mostly invest all gained ADA to plant real trees in the world. For each pixel tree there is one real tree planted. So I supported the interesting idea and on top I got my 50 NFT pixel trees. Whether they will increase in price? In this case it does not matter 🙂


Blog has been established on 30.08.2021 and will be updated whenever there is interesting new experience with Cardano ecosystem, news or coming projects. Stay tune and thanks a lot for reading the book “Cardano, ecosystem which makes world a better place and generates passive income”.

Petr (Author)